Class IV: Growing Your Freelance Career Through Collaboration

2 out of 10 spots left, apply today! 

Aren’t all meaningful relationships earned in the trenches?

We think so. Which is why Class IV is a 4 week experience that puts your freelance career on hyper drive in tandem with a group of freelancers we think you’ll become best friends with. 

Apply through the calendar link above. 

If you don’t feel comfortable with video, email [email protected]


What is the cost? 

Free. Similar bootcamps would be between $1-2k. 

We make our money off you loving our software and paying $50/month once your managing $5k+ projects using us.   


What can I expect? 

4 weeks (~2 hrs a week)

We expect you to engage with and provide feedback on fellow freelancers progress. 

Week 1: Value prop – solidify your elevator pitch

Week 2: People – find 15 freelancers (and type of freelancers) you should collaborate with asap

Week 3: Process – Automate half your workfow and standardize 3 projects

Week 4: Demo Day – Show off to potential clients and freelancers

Why are we doing this? 

Our vision is a freelance economy that runs off meaningful connections.

We believe in a world that goes from the ‘gig’ economy to a relationship economy, and we’ve created an operating system that scales through trusted networks of 50-150 trusted freelancers. 

This makes our leading incentive to be providing you meaningful connections, and we’ve learned the best connections happen when you’ve gone through the fire together (kinda common sense right?). 

Thus instead of growth hacking our way to 6 figure user numbers, we want to get in the trenches with you and be the trusted source for building your freelancer tribe. 



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